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OceanSchedules.com offers powerful search tools and the richest global set of schedules data available on-line or in print to help you find the voyages you are looking for more quickly and easily. We've applied innovative web-based technologies to make searching schedules easier than ever before and this is the first site that integrates schedule search with the option to make an electronic booking with multiple carriers.

Please try our new site and send us your comments and suggestions. Let your colleagues know about us. Our goal is to make your voyage planning faster and easier than ever before.

OceanSchedules.com Includes:

Comprehensive Voyage Listings:

Search over 9,000,000 voyage options across many global and regional carriers. More carriers will be added over the coming months. All Schedules are electronically delivered by the carriers, so you can count on their accuracy and timeliness.

Powerful Search Tools

Simple home-page search box:

Search by port to port, point to point, arrival or destination date and customize date range from 1-week default setting. When you type in your origin and destination, watch how the auto-suggestion feature helps you find the right name for the location after you type in at least three characters.

Powerful "Schedule Managerâ„¢" to filter and sort your information:

The "Schedule Managerâ„¢" allows you to interact with data in a way that is not possible with other designs. You have:

  • A count of the number of matches to your search criteria
  • Dragable sliders that automatically re-calculate and display your search by departure date range, arrival date range and transit time.
  • Interactive filters for day of the week for departure and arrival
  • Interactive filters for port selection (when multiple adjacent ports are available
  • Interactive filters for carrier selection


A registered user can identify their preferred carriers and preferred arrival/departure day of the week in Preferences so that Schedule ManagerTM automatically filters schedules by these important parameters. Of course, a simple mouse click can introduce other carriers or sailings.


We've designed the results page to include more information about each matching result and buttons for requesting more information from a carrier, downloading your search to your PC or for making booking.

Each results page includes:

Carrier results:

Carrier name, departure date and time, day of week, transit time, arrival date and time and day of week.

Carrier Information button:

Carrier name, vessel, voyage, Lloyds number and carrier website.

Carrier-Contact-Request button:

Click to request that your selected carrier contact you about a specific voyage (for carriers that support this feature).

Booking button (registered users only):

Make an electronic booking on your selected voyage for all carriers that support bookings via INTTRA. OceanSchedules.com and INTTRA have created a strategic partnership that provides this functionality to anyone that is pre-registered in INTTRA with the specified carrier.

Download and Save Search results to your PC (registered users only):

Download button to save search results for further analysis